Quality Masking

Perform subsetting of your search results.

Geophysical Parameters

Additional Filtering Parameters

All Other Parameters

3km Parameters


The results of your query.

Showing out of matching granules.



1. Open the Open search menu. menu.
2. Select a dataset, spatial range, and temporal range.
3. Press "Search" on the After selecting desired criteria, press search. menu.
4. Initial results (without quality filtering) are listed on the now open Initial results are now listed. page.
5. Apply quality filters with the Apply quality filters to subset using the filtering menu. page.
6. Press "Apply" on the Press Apply on the filtering page..
7. When finished, select the granules you wish to download or save links to on the Select desired granules to download or save links for. page and download your desired data.
8. Optionally, bookmark your query for later or send it to a peer using the Each query is a unique URL that can be bookmarked. page.
9. Use Use the reset button to start over. to start over.
Map Controls:
To pan view, left click and drag mouse.
Pan view
Left click + drag
To zoom view, right click and drag or use the mouse wheel.
Zoom view
Right click + drag, or
Mouse wheel scroll
To rotate view, middle click and drag or CTRL + left click/right click + drag.
Rotate view
Middle click + drag, or
CTRL + Left/Right click + drag
To pan view, use one finger to drag.
Pan view
One finger drag
To zoom view, pinch with two fingers.
Zoom view
Two finger pinch
To tile view, drag two fingers in the same direction.
Tilt view
Two finger drag, same direction
To rotate view, drag two fingers in the opposite directions.
Rotate view
Two finger drag, opposite direction


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VQSS Tools


Description: This w10n command line tool will be available in the near future.

Version: xxx.xx

Download: w10n command line tool